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TheWeek: Oman’s largest read publication

TheWeek is a 48-page, all-colour weekly published by Oman's premier publishing house, Apex Press and Publishing. Launched in March 2003, TheWeek was the first free newspaper in the country and has today garnered the largest readership for any publication in Oman - more than 254,000 readers every week.

TheWeek is also the first and only publication (apart from its Arabic version Al Isbou’a) in Oman to be audited by an international audit agency – BPA Worldwide – and has a certified weekly circulation of 50,743. Free copies of TheWeek can be picked up every Wednesday from 663 distribution outlets spread across the sultanate including the remotest nooks and corners of the country.

The reach of the paper does not end at Muscat, Salalah, Sohar, Nizwa, or Sur like most other publications in Oman. Copies are picked up every week by readers in Sawadi, Musanna, Rumais, Barka, Alokada, Thirmed, Suwaiq, Al Khadra, Bidaya, Khaboora, Saham, Samail, Izki, Falaj al Qabail, Sallan, Hadeera, Mulladha, Ovaynat, Firq, Dhariz, Sanaya, Raysut, Qalhat, Ridha and hundreds of smaller settlements. In fact, TheWeek boasts of a better reach in both the urban areas as well as the interiors of the sultanate than any other English or Arabic newspaper.

The newspaper covers mostly Oman-based news – everything from people and events to government decisions and civic initiatives. Celebrities visiting Oman or with an Oman connection, local events and Oman’s sports heroes are featured on a regular basis. The paper does not usually take any political stand and the emphasis is on community news and features. This hyper-local approach, focussing on community-based news from within Oman, is something that has endeared it to its readers.

The newspaper, which is produced by a team of highly experienced and professional journalists, photographers and designers, is also used to aid and supplement classroom teaching by English-language and journalism departments in more than 50 universities, colleges and schools in the country.

Over the last six years, TheWeek has had more scoops and exclusive stories to its credit than all the other newspapers put together. Thanks to its popularity, advertisers see the paper as the best vehicle to reach out to the maximum number of people.

TheWeek is also the only Omani newspaper to ever win an international award. In 2008, it became one of only three papers from the Middle East region to win an award at the IFRA Asia Media Awards 2008.

Who does this website target?
This website is the online version of the print edition. It comes in two versions – the HTML page (which you are currently viewing) and the e-paper version (see link at the top left-hand corner of the homepage). Our target audience lives mainly outside the borders of Oman. They are Omani students and professionals who reside outside the country. They are also the thousands of foreigners who have worked for a few years in Oman as expatriate workers; many of them still follow news about the country years after leaving Oman. Also with Oman promoting itself as a high-end tourist destination, there is a lot of interest from tourists and international media, particularly from Europe. This website is a ‘multiplier’ that helps us reach out to these different audiences who we might have missed otherwise with just a print edition.

Updates and archives
The updating and archiving of the website are both done in a manner that complements the print edition. Major updates are done every Wednesday morning while breaking news are updated on a daily basis. Archives can be visited issue-wise/date wise and you will be able to see all the stories that appeared in a particular issue by going to that issue in the archives (see link at the top of the homepage).